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out and maryland is a great example. in texas, it was on the flip side. i went to congress and woke up one night and awakened and no longer lived in my own district. they changed the lines on the cities because they had so much in common. and texas republicans did this to democrats. the bottom line is as you create safer districts you get more party in each party. so you have very strong liberals running. and what al said -- i might vote for him. but what he is saying -- bush went out there and got slaughtered. let's not reinvent history here. and we can talk about charters but more african-american kids in washington, d.c. are far worse off because obama cut their vouchers. over the objection of the maryland state teacher's association screaming bloody murder. both parties are more i idealogical and you go back and because of the lines drawn you have a safe seat. and you hear go get them bob and joe on both sides. you go back in power with no motivation to compromise because you heard it from the town meeting. shut the government down. and raise taxes. and work till june to pay govern
. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep >>> texas woman is suing facebook for $100 million. she says she begged them to take down a fake pornographic profile created with her name but facebook ignored her. she claims facebook finally took the profile down only after houston police got involved and subpoenaed the company to find out who was responsible for the profile. >> there is no reason this should have happened to me. >> she is suing facebook for $123 million, that is 10 cents for each of the sites 1.23 billion members. >>> laptops, paspered and wedding rings are -- pass ports and wedding rings are a few things passengers left behind at san francisco international airport. today the tsa showed us the belongings they are left holding every year and ktvu's tom vacar looked at it. >> a treasure-trove of stuff passengers forget. >> they are under panic panic and stress and they forget simple things. >> reporter: the airport travel agency handles storage. >> we have false teeth. and the lady who called about that wanted them back because her husband couldn't eat. >> 20,000 items at sf
to new hampshire, by the way. could his legal troubles back home in texas which are partisan when it comes to investigation is helping him politically. finally, a reminder tonight that we have a tough election coming up this fall. you've got to get registered, get planning and vote. nobody watch the show unless you are going to vote. you saw what happened in ferguson when you don't vote. this is "hardball" , the place for politics. >>> senator claire mchaskill of missouri announced she'll lead a senate hearing into what's called the militarization of local police departments. the issue has been a hot one after days of clashes, sometimes violent, between protesters and police following the death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. senator mchaskill called the for the de mille trization of the ferguson police department and has been a local leader on the ground working to deescalate the situation. she's on the job. "hardball" returns after this. so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule
texas crude prices moved higher. wti rose 51 cents settling at 93.96. >>> one of the reasons oil prices have been capped is the increased production here in the united states. one of those oil rich areas, as you probably know is north dakota. the brkformation. with that drilling comes side effects. morgan brennan has more. >> reporter: it's the biggest issue in the bocan right now, natural gas flaring. they produce 1 million barrels second to texas but drillers are producing more natural gas, more than they can transport. the rig behind me is drilling 11 wells that will come online around the same time. this scenario is playing out across the bakken and there lies the issue. more natural gas is coming online than the current pipeline system can handle and that's why drillers are forced to flair. across the region, thousands of wells are burning so brightly that astronauts have captured images from space. the flair rate here is 30 times higher than other producing states like texas and alaska resulting in more than $100 million worth of gas wasted each month. >> if you look at the value
of the great u.s. aircraft carrier saratoga. it has departed newport, rhode island, en route to texas where it will be scrapped. it was commissioned back in '52. president eisenhower once walked on that flight deck. it saw heavy service during vietnam. and aircraft from the saratoga dropped 4 million pounds of bombs during operation desert shield in iraq. it was a floating home for thousands who served on board during its 38 proud years of active duty at sea. >>> then there's this recorded at the mystic aquarium, you think connecticut last year but just now getting attention on the web. it's benign at first. kids admiring the passing beluga whales and then in seconds it goes from did that really happen to well, look, it just happened again. the kids are briefly scared to death but keep coming back for more as it's clear the beluga whale has made a game of it. the kids follow right in. >>> when we come back, the boys of summer from chicago's south side now on the verge of greatness on a very big stage. sensitive bladder? never miss a chance to dance... ... just because you happen to sprinkle
in ft. worth, texas. they say dr. brent live will be overwhelmed with the number o people who want to hug him. diane? >> no doubt about that. thanks so much, steve. >>> we turn to abc's chief medical editor, dr. rich besser. on the question of contagion. they tested but how are they sure it's not contagious anymore? >> they would not have found any virus in the blood and in the urine. the one recommendation that health officials make is to use condoms for about three months after infection. they should be free in the community without spreading this disease. >> that is standard. and the whole news about immunity. now, they are immune? that means they can go back and help their patients without risk? >> they're immune to this strain of ebola. that's terrific news about providing care for people. people who have recovered can be care-givers. >> is there a vaerdict on the experimental drug they were guinn? >> i'm skeptical, given how fast they say it worked. they need to do a study to find out, does it help? does it hurt? does it make any difference? before rushing to judgment that it
the chance to buy a high quality stock at a discount. how about stock gifts for 500? delores in texas. >> caller: jim, a lone star state booyah to you. >> i like that. how can i help? >> caller: i'm calling about rf microdevices. is that a buy, a sell or a -- >> no, after they put that combination together, they became my second favorite after skyward solution. you have a winner. i wouldn't have said that before the merger but that's a real winner. why don't we go to steve in florida. steve? >> caller: hi, jim. thanks for taking my call. calling from central floridament my question is for micron. m.u. there's been a number of bullish reports surrounding the stock lately. do you think it still has room to run? >> i have to see what samsung really is going to do in terms of additions of chips but you know what after listening to meg whitman this morning the pc business is in growth mode. i think you're fine with micron. i like intel more, but micron is good. the bears were wrong to downgrade the nxp stock, but take advantage. your opportunity. much more "mad money" ahead. the american o
for as long as i've been governor of texas. that is a pretty lengthy period of time. you don't get to stay around that long unless you are really good at what you do, or just really lucky. i suggest both of those things. it doesn't hurt to be both. as he shared with you, and some of you might have heard that there are some interesting things going on back in my home state. right now, there are a few public officials in travis county who have taken issue with an exercise of my constitutional veto authority. these are fundamentally, principles that are very important. namely, a governor's power to veto legislation and funding, and the right of free speech. i am very confident in my case, and i can assure you that i will fight this attack of our system of government, and with my fellow citizens, both republicans and democrats, i am to defend our constitution and stand up for the rule of law in the state of texas. [applause] to all of you who work here at heritage or at national review, for republican leaders across the way. you have for 5.5 years been among the leading voices of the oppositio
texas visitÓ la capital de la nación donde se expuso sobre la seguridad en la frontera. >> tratando de elevar su perfil como posible candidato presidencial republicano, el gobernador de texas, rick perry, declarÓ en washington que no tiene sentido discutir una posible reforma migratoria sin asegurar primero la frontera. >> hasta que la frontera este seguro no habrÁ conversaciÓn en este paÍs sobre cualquier tipo de reforma migratoria. los estonios no confÍan en washington para hacer una reforma migratoria integral, hasta que esa frontera se asegura. >> el gobernador tambiÉn criticÓ la respuesta del código federal a la crisis de los niÑos en la frontera. grupos conservadores concuerdan en que una reforma migratoria no es factible por ahora. >> pensamos que se debe hacer varias cosas. no una ley comprensiva, pero por ejemplo, una vez que aseguramos la frontera devotamente trabajar con honduras y con guatemala. >> organizaciones en favor de la reforma migratoria y que ahora presidan por medidas ejecutivas de la casa blanca, dicen que son los republicanos de la cÁmara quie
to invest and create jobs. in texas, governor rick perry has been charged with trying to use the powers of his office, to muscle a county prosecutor out of office, after she was convicted of drunk driving. the district attorney in question rose mary are is a democrat, the county where she serves travis is also the home of the state government in austin, and thus, investigates official corruption. lamb burg still in office, governor perry insists the charges against him are are pure harassment, poll tiggs in trouble, this time on inside story. texas governor, turning himself in and then posing for a mug shot, the longest serving chief executive in the state history, he was indicted last week by a grand jury on charges of abuse of power. on the powers of the office of governor. there are important fundamental issues at stake. and i will not allow this attack on our system of government to stand. >> the charges stem from perry threatening to veto and then vetoing funding for a county district attorneys office, allegedly for political reasons. perry says he street toted the funding pause th
has sleeper cells in the u.s.? we heard from governor rick perry in texas that you know, he actually said it's a real possibility. that's a quote, that isis has crossed into the u.s. over the southern border. >> i think we after 13, 14 years of war and my 25 years of following these guy, we have to take a deep breath. the reason is this. i doubt there's a formal cell here. i don't know. what i witnessed in years of watching these guys is clus terz of youth who were not formaldehyde mali organized who might be inspiring each other and who would come together over the course of time, baby over going to paintball, for example, and say hey, we've seen what al baghdadi did. maybe we should build a backpack bomb. i think it's likely there are kids like that in formal clusters. formal cells like the kind you see in hollywood, i would be more convinced that. >> more that would be inspired by it. a question to you, john. as the perspective of a navy seal, do you see and do you remember fellow seals and former seals see isis as worse than other enemies that you've dealt with? is there somethin
of the exceptions include southern arizona, new mexico, and big bend, texas, they will see snow. rain in the northwest, and as you pointed out, california. florida will be cool will above normal rain conditions. the mid-atlantic from boston south to north carolina and including north carolina, we can expect colder-than-normal temperatures and more snow, and the greater part of the ohio valley up to the great lakes and moving eastward will also see very cold, very heavy snow. if you've got plans to travel, you know, you might think of leaving town real soon. gerri: i'm hearing me, what's going on. we're showing a map of your forecast. one other thing i want to mention that you told our producers, there could be a major hurricane likely in louisiana to texas. tell me about that forecast. >> that's next summer, not in the next few weeks. although, we're seeing news there could be something develop. but next summer, relatively quiet, up until late summer, we expect the likelihood of si strike in the gulf coast, but in gulf coast, where they least likely need it in louisiana and the texas
.99 or the texas 3 chili pepper ribeye, drizzled with onion straws. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. i never know what kind theof adventure awaits. that the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month. ♪ >> you've seen. everyone is taking the ice bucket challenge but don't look foment s diplomats to get on it the state department banned ambassadors and other high profile officers from participating. it says ethics rule bar officials from using private office for private gain. the challenge raised more than $30 million for research in lieu gehrig's disease random act of kindness start at a florida star buck. customers are paying it forward again today picking up the tab for customers behind them in the drive through. 400 people did it yesterday. for hundred. after one woman paid h
, is, rick perry, the governor of texas, a speak here today the conservative think tank, he also had stood up and applauded the more robust spoors and the pomming of those is, il or islamic state groups although he is calling for more. so political opposition so far, bekind what president obama is doing. >> we want to give you more of a flavor of what is being said at the pentagon, so let's listen live, here is defense secretary the top civilian official in the pentagon, and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the top military commander, in the u.s. department of defense. >> every day, the intelligence community, and the leaders regardless of who the administration is, or the secretary of defense, deals with this every day, that we don't want to face that again. ever. 9/11 or any part of it, so we have to look at this, from the reality of what is out there, but also what could be out there. and what could be coming. is this long term, sure, it is. >> is it a calculation, that isil presents a 9/11 level threat to the united states? >> jim, isil is a sophisticated and well funded as
institute] a comment on the ruling of the gao -- the associated press reporting on what these texas republicans are tweeting about. ap,ing for the congressional investigators say the pentagon violated the law when it swapped taliban leaders for the prisoner who was held in afghanistan for five years. the gao says the defense notifyent's failure to the relevant committees at least 30 days in advance of the exchange broke the law. the gao also says the pentagon's use of funds to conduct a transfer when no money was available was a violation of the anti-deficiency act, which ours spending by agencies about the amount of honey that congress has obligated. that from the ap today. tonight on c-span, opposing views on the issue of climate change. institute,artland questioning the science behind climate change. then former epa administrators call for action during a senate environment subcommittee hearing. ears a portion of remarks from both. >> does not subscribe to the belief that extreme weather events are tied to global warming, whether human caused or not. they say there's no evidence
because of the current border crisis? >> i think in south texas it would be easier because our agents are so overwhelmed and we have so many that are doing duties other than patrolling, for example, they are doing a lot of processing because of the shear numbers. but overall i would say it's probably harder, but if you are committed enough, you will get across the southern border. >> dennis, you have been to the border and made movies and films about what's happening at the border, i'm sorry, dennis, you can't hear me. i'll stick with shawn moran. if we have heard from a cia guy, mike baker, he says there is a lot of communication between isis and the drug cartels. what do you make of that? >> that wouldn't surprise me as the drug cartels control the southwest u.s. routes. so anybody exploring those routes would have to check in, so to speak, with the cartels to get permission to use those routes. >> you're worried, aren't you, worried that the terror people could cross the border right now? shawn moran, you? >> i'm a federal agent. my job is to be worried. my job is to be thinking ab
other states like texas and alaska, so this flaring situation has a very long way to go and probably spark a lot of innovation among the oil and gas producers moving forward. back to you. >> wow, light and heat were incredible there. morgan, thank you. up federal government, the final thoughts. the president and steve liesman and this record day on wall street. we are back in two. d see more of what you wanted to know? . >>> welcome back. time for some reaction now to what philadelphia fed had to say to our steve liesman, the center from last meeting, did it change your mind, did it reveal anything to you about the protection policy? >> not particularly. i think we seen almost since q2 a message from the hard core hawks, you know, these are sort of die hard monetary economistss that don't view an activist rule affecting the real commitment find kind of a money neutrality guide. >> i thought that was the most interesting. you could tell he knew this was going to be a big part of the debate. he said i don't think it's wise to make kaij wages a centerpiece of fed policy. >> i, oddly eno
to the texas border, our resources stretched too thin? not is being done to help just the border but your resources overall? >> well, you have heard both mr. ahearniner and that capabilities are driven by the resources that congress gives us. i don't think there is anybody in law enforcement who says they have everything they need or would like to i do think that what you have to see, and it is from every federal agency, to use mr. reiner's -- mr. wagner's phrase, is are we targeting the issues that produced the best law enforcement outcome? there have been many discussions along the assault was border about what should we be doing. i will tell you that as we bring all the tools we have up to the fight, dismantling organizations that will smuggle money and arele and contraband, they issue agnostic. crime is done for profit. taking the tools away, the resources, the assets is the right approach. it could be an alien smuggling case, but going after the bank account with the money is really going to put people out of business. that is what we are doing. matter of focusing what are the most i
maintenance and ba tal jan s-1 first cavalry division at ft. hood, texas. from 1996 to 2012, colonel brooks assumed roles of increasing spront at ft. bragg, north carolina, including commander of the 39th ordnance company, 1st corps support command, operations officer, 528th special operateses support battalion and in various command operational resourcing and staff position in the u.s. army special operations command. now, as a deputy commanding officer 82nd sustainment brigade, colonel brooks also served multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan as a member of the joint special operations task force in various command operational and staff billets in support of operation iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom. his awards and decorations include the legion of merit, bronze star medal with one oak leaf cluster, defense meritorious service medal, meritorious service medal, army commendation medal with three oak leaf cluster. combat action badge, ranger tab, master parachutist badge and air assault badge. it's my honor this morning to introduce to you the garrison commander, colonel paul b
texas en galveston, indicaron que un medicamento experimental curo a chimpances infectados con marburgo, aun cuando el frmaco fue aplicado despues de que se reportaran los sintomas... topvo juanfra mejor conocido por eliminar o suavisar las arrugas, el botox tambien podria ser efectivo para combatir el cancer del estomago... un estudio de la universidad de columbia encontro que al inyectar botox en ratones redujo el crecimiento de tumores en el estomago... se cree que trabaja bloqueando las seÑales de nervios que alimenta las celulas cancerigenas... lorena ---escuche familia de un joven pide a la policia de los angeles que se disculpe por publicar en las redes un selfie del muchacho y considerarlo como un sospechoso de robo en una vivienda en santa clarita... take vo ---la fotografa fue encontrada en los archivos virtuales de la senora victima de ladrones que se llevaron dinero, joyas y aparatos electrnicos de su casa... ---los padres del muchacho argumentan que el joven recibi el celular como regalo de una ta, pero que ella, no saba que el aparato haba sido robado... la po
are talking about the ultimate impact of the clean air act with our guest, linda from texas, republican line. >> caller: i've heard several things about the epa coming afterward -- wood-burning so some people not using wood burning stoves in their homes anymore. is there any truth to that? and how come there's no one on your panel that's opposing the other side? >> guest: well, epa i think it's in the process of updating regulations for wood burning stoves. >> host: it comes down to personal level. >> guest: it is remarkable the reach of the clean air act. the hairspray people use and the lighter fluid and the cosmetics and paints and coatings as well as vehicles. so the clean air act is extraordinarily broad. it regulates virtually every aspect. look around this room and all of these things here were produced at plants that are subject to the clean air act. >> host: was that result of further revisions of the act? >> guest: yes. it was very generic and no one anticipated you would have these sorts of programs. but over time as this it's become much more aggressive. >> host: what about the s
companies and listed -- >> prosecutorial discretion is driving me crazy. especially down in texas. when they decide to punch one of these guys in the nose. thank you very much. bloomberg news deputy managing editor jeanne cummings. >>> coming up, the philly phenom. mo'ne davis takes the mound at the little league world series. she throws 70 miles an hour this young lady. 13 years old. she inspires you. no question about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache.
hearing, this one looking safety and regulation of e-cigarettes. >>> texas republican governor rick perry is in washington, d.c. today. he is taking part in a discussion on the politics of immigration, from the heritage foundation here in washington. see his remarks live starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern on our companion network, c-span. >>> here are some highlights for this weekend. friday on c-span in prime time, we'll visit important sites in the history of the civil rights movement. saturday night at 8:00, highlights from this year's new york ideas forum, including cancer biologist andrew hessel. on sunday, q&a with new york congressman charlie wrangle at 8:00 p.m. eastern. friday night at 8:00 on c-span2, in depth with religious scholar reza aslan. retired neurosurgeon and columnist ben carson. sunday night at 11:00 p.m. eastern, lawrence gold stone on the competition between the wright brothers and glen curtis to be predominant name in manned flight. american history tv on c-span 3, a look at hollywood's portrayal of slavery. saturday night night at eight, the burning of washington. an
new little pictures from a drivers license, i'm not going to the dmv. i'm going to texas to get a mug shot after seeing that thing. let's welcome a great spirit, a leader on thea border as on so many other issues -- governor rick perry. [applause] >> thank you for the imitation to be here today. i refer to this as a little wellspring of wisdom in the desert of washington, d.c. heritage, thank you for what you do, and to genevieve, for allowing us to come and be a part of this today. and jan, thank you for the program. you do, a fact, look eternally young. some of you may not know this. rich has been ahead of national review for as long as i've been governor of texas. it's a pretty lengthy. of time.
million from the estate of texas billionaire j. howard marshall saying in a new ruling the fight has lasted nearly 20 times the length of their marriage. >> my husband is not alive to testify. >> reporter: 89-year-old marshall died in 1995, about a year after marrying then 26-year-old smith leaving her nothing in his will. >> i lost my sheep. ♪ anna >> reporter: smith fought for a chunk of that fortune until her death from a drug overdose seven years ago. smith's estate continues the battle. >> my mommy. >> reporter: her daughter and heir dannielynn is now 7 and living in rural kentucky with her dad larry birkhead. he told abc news last year they're staying out of the court fight. >> i worry about my financial situation and that, you know, the lights are on, the groceries and i don't worry about that. >> reporter: the case has gone on for so long most of the main players have died. smith, marshall and marshall's son e. pierce marshall who fought the former "playboy" model from getting a dime of his father's fortune. >> it's cost a tremendous amount of money to litigate these claims
is filled with selfie stars. a texas man named himself the selfie king. and a 19-year-old in montreal has taken a selfie every day for seven years. aging before the camera. for true devotees to the genre, you may want to buy yourself a selfie stick, an attachment for your smartphone increasing your chance at a perfect shot. >> if you have a smartphone you are a photographer and you are going to be making selfies without even thinking about it. >> do you have a favorite selfie? >> i don't. no. >> you like them all. >> i think the idea of having one favorite selfie really goes against the whole idea of the selfie. what you love is the flow of those images and the changing kinds of self-portraits that you see. >> reporter: though techle lenology has simplified the modern day selfie, the urge to capture ourself at a moment's notice is one fof our desires. >> in case someone takes an unwanted selfie of you -- >> i want a selfie stick. >> you do? come on guys let's go. >> you know i don't do selfies. >> come on we got to post it. we're trending. we're trending. >>> she's 86 sha
relief way up to the north. we have heat advisories in effect from texas to the south clone coast into the ohio river valley as well, the feels like temperature the temperature once you combine the humidity and the temperature, it will feel like 103 in memphis. st. louis has 105. friday more of the same. 101 in dallas and on saturday the heat continues feeling like 100 degrees, atlanta 102. this is very, very dangerous heat. make sure you cake care of time outdoors. lots of water, defirst half nated beverages, light weight loose fitting clothing. check on your elderly neighbors. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up. ♪ >>> oh, good thursday morning to you, we are going to warm up for today, but not by much. three to five degrees at best. this is bodega bay, temperatures looking really comfortable for san francisco. upper 60s coming your way. we'll boost those numbers up in the city even for today. shallow marine layer here over the santa clara valley. the fog will burn off quickly and temperatures jump out to the 60s where we are now into about 83 degrees in the he
. this from politico's playbook, they have what they call a sneak peak. they write that texas governor rick areas coming across as increasingly confident, even sassy, in his out-of-state appearances. today he is in d.c. before heading to new hampshire post up today he will warn of a possible islamic state attack on the u.s. homeland, this from his prepared remarks. you can hear governor perry live on c-span radio or watch him on c-span television. the event begins at noon eastern time at the heritage foundation. and those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. are some of the highlights for this weekend. find our television schedule one week in advance at and let us know what you think about the programs you're watching. call us or e-mail us. join the c-span conversation, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. host: for the remainder of our time, open phones. this from "the washington times." you can read more in "the washington times" this morning. "usa today" a profile of texas governor rick kerry and headline talks about his recent events. by the way, rick perry
it bam's golf war. i know your former boss took a lot of heat for going to texas. >> the criticism for going on vacation to president bush was unfair. but he made a statement about the attack on israel while on vacation in new england and this caused him to examine his behavior in a time of year and it caused him to give up golf for the balance of his presidency. he couldn't square the difference between the visual gap having to make statements like president obama had to make and being on the golf course. somebody made a mistake. they should have said the president is going go out and make a comment on this. why don't we get the tee time tomorrow or 40er 5 hours. bill: why don't you think that he thinks that way? >> this white house has been making a lot of gaffes. go to washington just so you can say he's off on vacation. we have seen a series of these when there is a gap between what the president has been doing and people's reaction to it. i just think they off their game. it's august. maybe the white house staff needed a break. maybe the communications mavens have lost their m
investigadores de la universidad de texas en galveston, indicaron que un medicamento experimental curo a chimpances infectados con marburgo, aun cuando el frmaco fue aplicado despues de que se reportaran los sintomas... bump out juanfra ---tiempo de la pausa en noticiero telemundo 48 primera edicion pero en breve take vo --- habr ms oficiales en una ciudad del sur de la baha... pero no contarn con armas de fuego... entrese qu clase de armas usarn... take vo/lorena ---un voraz incendio desplaza a decenas de familias en el este de la baha.. estamos en vivo desde el lugar de los hechos con los detalles.. take live cam black top v incendio arrasara un edificio al este de la baha... top vo/lorena ---un departamento de polica al sur de la baha toma medidas nunca antes vistas... para reforzar la seguridad en su ciudad... take lu wx desk juanfra/ots ---la polica de martinez busca a un sujeto que secuestr y asalt a punto de pistola a un conductor y acompaÑante.... take map --- las vctimas salan de un negocio ubicado en el bulevar pacheco cuando el hombre entr por la puerta posterior del vehicu
where from a opec was the only place for spare capacity and now texas become spare capacity. supply thatomestic will affect the price but -- not affect the price of brent. >> true. .> shameless plug we are going to be talking about these things in "market makers." let me talk you about the international tour mile we have seen. -- let me talk to you about the international turmoil we have seen. people are creeped out by iraq, ferguson, hertz . of problems out there. you do not see it reflected in equity prices. isa big chunk of investing what is the best relative use of a dollar? when i look at a 10-year treasury, when i look at a 1%man bund yielding under and i look at where inflation rates are, i say, i'm not getting paid much in terms of your term returns in fixed income. the reason why those interest rates are so low is that people are so freaked out that they keep driving themselves into those vehicles. >> you could argue you are getting freaked out. germany is not growing again. their reported gdp last week. , there is ant constant interplay of what we are going to talk about t
e investigadores de la universidad de texas en galveston, indicaron que un medicamento experimental curo a chimpances infectados con marburgo, aun cuando el frmaco fue aplicado despues de que se reportaran los sintomas... aceptó la protesta presentada por un club, y los gigantes de san francisco podrán reanudar un juego abreviado por la lluvia, en el que se había dado el triunfo a los cachorros de chicago. vo ---en chicago en el historico wrigli field donde todo le salio bien a los gigantes... ---abrieron con 4 carreras en la primer entrada y sacaron una muy necesitada victoria por pizarra final de 8 a 3... ---adrew susac peg su primer homer run esperemos que vengan mas para lo que resta de la temporada.. jake peavy nuevo brazo de s.f. trabaj 7 entradas poncho a 8 / 2 er vo ---atlticos en la gran manzana.... erik cambell inicio la ofensiva por parte de los mets y nunca miraron atras... ---5 carreras en la tercer entrada... ---coco crisp intento remontar pero la ventaja era muy grande para el equipo de nueva york que termino por quedarse con el partido, marcador final de 8 a 5...
the high speed at&t fiber internet is already launching in austin, texas and a handful of other cities. there, it costs about 70 bucks a month. >> if you are working from home, that would really help us. but 70 bucks, we have to still think. >> faster, better, boom. yeah. >> reporter: but competitors are already fast on the heels of google and at&t. increased competition is likely to lower those prices. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: we may not be in flying cars yet, but the future is here at least online and it's blazing fast. this super fast internet could be available in most of the bay area homes within the next 10 years. in cupertino, don ford, kpix 5. >> at&t is expected to roll out their service in cupertino by next summer. >> be fun if you could afford it. we're so impatient. if it doesn't come right away, we don't want it. >> so true. >>> 4:56. ferguson, missouri residents want charges against the officer who shot michael brown. we go to ferguson where protests have actually quieted down a bit. >> reporter: a huge fire overnight left about three dozen people homeless this morning.
at the military retirement benefits system. >> texas republican governor rick perry is in washington, d.c. today. he's taking part in a discussion on the politics of immigration. from the heritage foundation here in washington, you can see his remarks live starting at 11 a.m. on our companion network, c-span. >> here are some of the highlights for this weekend. friday on c-span in prime time, we'll visit important sites in the history of the civil rights movement. saturday night at eight, highlights from this year's new york ideas forum including cancer biologist andrew he is el. and on sunday, q&a with new york congressman charlie rangel at 8 p.m. eastern. friday night at eight on c-span2, "in depth. " saturday on after words at 10, ben carson. and summed night at 11 p.m. eastern, lawrence goldstone on the competition between the wright brothers and glenn curtis to be the predominant name in manned flight. american history tv on c-span3 on friday at eight eastern, a look at hollywood's portrayal of slavery. saturday night at eight, the 200th anniversary of the burning of washington. and sunday
'll hear next from tony, fort worth, texas. caller: as much as i hate to think we are going back to iraq with boots on the ground, we are. i'm a soldier and i know war groans when i hear them. it's a shame about the journalist that got killed. we lost almost 5,000 troops the last time, and we're going back again. and i think this time that when we go back, we are going to be over there forever, because as soon as we leave another group is going to spring up for us to keep going back and forth to iraq. so i think instead of the -- as bad as it sounds, that we are going to have troops in that region when we go back, and we are going back, regardless of what the secretary of state or the president says right now, we are going back with boots, and we're going to be just like we are in germany, just like we are in korea, we're going to be in that region forever. host: tony do you think that we have a responsibility to go back? caller: well, i think we have -- we have a responsibility because we started the mess. we have a responsibility because as bad as that could cause the area, as bad as s
. we've got heat advisories in effect from texas all the way to the south carolina coast. on into the ohio river valley as well. the feels-like temperatures, the temperature once you combine the humidity and the temperature is going to feel like 103 in memphis. 104 in charleston. st. louis, 105. friday, more of the same. 101 in dallas. and galveston, 105 in charleston. and on saturday, the heat continues feeling like 103 in memphis. atlanta, 102. this is very, very dangerous heat. so please, make sure you take care, limit your time outdoors. lots of water, decaffeinated beverages, nonalcoholic beverages, lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. don't blame me. that's the way it works. >> we blame you. >> check on your elderly neighbors and never leave your kids or pets in this kind of heat. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ ♪ >>> hi, i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of today we're going to see cloudy conditions. temperatures ranging from 80 to 85 degrees. as we get to the afternoon we will see showers a
battalion first california ary division at ft. hood texas. he assumed roles of increasing responsibility in north carolina as first corp support command operation's officer 528th special operation's support battalion and various command operational and staff positions in u.s. army speci. during that time he also served multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan as a member of the joint forces special operations task force in support of operation iraqi freedom and enduring freedom. the legion of merit, bronze star medal, defense meritory service medal and army accommodation badge and my honor to introduce to you the garrison commander colonel paul brooks. [ applause ] >> thanks for that great introduction chris. it all sounds a lot better than it actually is. i would like to say it's awesome to be here. i would like to welcome everybody and say it's great to be here. major moore. not anymore. those army days are done, right? always great seeing you. always a friend of the community at fort lee every time we see you running around doing something with us. it's awesome. we appreciate it. before
% flare rate is still 10 times bigger than other states like texas and alaska. regulators here say that any wells that don't adhere to these new standards are going to be curtailed and the most at risk are wells that don't have any kind of infrastructure in place as many as 1500 wells. but there is a company that has a potential solution to all of this. we're going to tell you more about that and their technology in the next hour of "squawk box," andrew. >> excellent. an important story. an amazing image. >> that's a stunning shot. >> and we will very dangerous. >> it's very warm, too. >> i believe it. thank you, morgan. we'll see you a little bit later on. when we come back we bring you all kinds of economic indicators on "squawk box." but up next, the indicator that matters most to youngsters. we'll tell you how much the tooth fairy is cutting back this year. plus oktoberfest is coming, and if you still haven't picked up your lederhosen it's not too latest specially if you live near cincinnati, ohio. that story when we come back. id where the reward was that new car smell and the
and some severe storms. the heat wave is full fledged and it will be here at least a week. from texas all the way to florida and as far north as st. louis, kansas city. that is where we are watching the peak of this heat. easily 95 degrees for about all of next seven days in a row. the heat index will be worse. notice the temperatures in memphis. no signs of a cool down right through the beginning of next week. here is your thursday forecast. i got 95 plus in at least 13 states so that is one of the hottest temperature forecasts we have had so far this summer and it continues right into your friday. and as far as the tropics go the hurricane hunters will fly into this tropical wave out here today. this is projected. yesterday we were thinking the caribbean and gulf and it shifted to the north and now thinking puerto rico and drub and tuesday near florida or the bahamas so all eyes will stay on that. it's too early to tell about intensity or anything like that because the land interaction down there in the mountainous terrain of the dominican republic. you're watching "morning joe." we wil
guard troop to the texas/mexico border. he said he's troubled by the influx of unaccompanied minors crossing that border. >>> the latest violence could prove to be a setback for hamas. that militant group says three of its commanders were killed in israeli air strike in gaza. a live picture here at gaza city where it's around 1:00 in the afternoon, a series of aerial attacks have sent plumes of spoke through that city today. palestinian police say six people were found dead. that attack came after indirect peace talks on a long-lasting truce broke down. >>> the california highway patrol officer who was seen on that video beating a woman on the side of the freeway has been relieved of duty. here is that cell phone video from last month. right now prosecutors are deciding on whether officer daniel andrew will face charges but police sent results of a criminal investigation to the d.a.'s office outlining what they call potentially serious charges for the officer. >>> a wildfire in california has destroyed at least eight homes and is threatening more than 1,000 more. officials say the f
, missouri, to texas governor rick perry's indictment, all eyes are on our leaders this week. so for answers to find out how americans are reacting, lee carter joins us. she gives us some results from some focus groups you guys have been conducting. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> yesterday in the noon hour, the president of the united states went on television to talk about james foley. watch this. >> jim foley's life stands in stark contrast to his killers. let's be clear about isil. they have rampaged across cities and villages, killing innocent, unarmed civilians in cowardly acts of violence. >> all right, lee, so you had a focus group last night. what did americans tell you about the way the president presented that message? >> you know, i think what they said is that they responded really favorably to what he had to say. first he was respectful of the family. second, he showed that this was an intolerable act that was a terrible, terrible tragedy. and third, he said he was going to act. so i think the american people gave him an "a." but i think all eyes are going to be on wha
. in the northeast, that's an area avoiding the heat wave. you can go from texas all the way to the southeast including the midwest and it is just going to be pretty much every day a repeat of the one previous. we're going to be right through probably at least monday and tuesday near 100 in st. louis. six, seven days in a row. it's not that we're breaking records for the heat, it's just duration that's going to get to people. >> thank you, mr. fantastic. >>> coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," we're get a live report on the ground in iraq. and when we come back, we'll huddle around the water cooler. two unlikely friends at the san diego zoo. i like when unlikely animals get along. happens more commonly than you think. we'll be back after this. [ female announcer ] birdhouse plans. nacho pans. glass on floors. daily chores. for the little mishaps you feel use neosporin to help you heal. it kills germs so you heal four days faster. neosporin. buy three johnson & johnson first aid products and get a free bag. buy three johnson & johnson first aid products [guyi know what you're ex
's the largest settlement in the 2008 meltdown. >>> happening today, texas governor rick perry will visit washington to discuss the problems plaguing his state. perry ordered national guard troops to the texas/mexico border saying he's troubled by the influx of unaccompanied minors across that border. >>> a teacher at a school in alabama is on leave after being accused of having her students re-enact the shooting of michael brown. a parent reported that the teacher had a white student act as the police officer and a black student be michael brown. the parent claim, the teacher is teaching hate. administrators are investigating. >>> the california highway patrol officer who was seen on video beating a woman on the side of the freeway has been relieved of duty. you'll remember the cell phone video from last night. prosecutors are deciding on whether daniel andrew will face charges. but police have sent a report outlining what they call serious charges for the officer. >>> miss morning, searching for survivor in a deadly landslide in japan near hiroshima. 17 people are missing. police and re
be on the way. >> a strange development from the texas family from the af flew we know sglau defense. he is charged with impersonating a police officer. he showed up to the sdom stick disturbance call. he was given 10 years probation after silling pour people while drive drunk. his family never learned right from wrong because their family was rich. >> scattered near his how is that happened one day after he died. he hanged himself more than a week ago. official cause of death not released pending toxicology tests. >> the time no you is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. a special delivery right into the hands of criminals. what you need to know about the latest security breech that has put millions of american's personal information at risk. >> just minutes after talking about the brutal be heeding of an american journalist. >> british prime minister david cameron canceled his vacation. is our president out of touch? no matter where you want to be or what you want to do, chances are we're already there. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world. like super 8, where every d
steaks across america, like the new kansas city bbq sirloin for $12.99 or the texas 3 chili pepper ribeye, drizzled with onion straws. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. >>> we're continuing to follow breaking news this morning, one man is in temple hospital after a car crash involved a philadelphia medic unit. it happened around 2:30 on north broad street at west tioga street when an ambulance was hit the by another vehicle. broad street we have learn is back opened right now, and investigators are trying to figure out what caused that crash. >>> well, big story this morning the winning streak may be over but taney dragons are still in the hunt for a little league world series title. >> they have to win tonight against chicago to keep the dream alive, and a big, tough team from las vegas took a one to nothing lead in the first inning last night. mo'ne davis has not allowed a run in williamsport until that one. vegas team had hitters and great defensive plays as well and beat dragons eight-one. it is okay they still have hope. fans are in the losing their faith, hope or pride desp
by gadhafi forces in 2011. he was held then 24 dpaps. >>> in texas, federal officials seized more than 9,000 pounds of marijuana growing in that state. the street valve estimated at $10 million. someone made that discovery earlier this month and after two days of hand-picking, agents came away with more than 11,000 plants. >>> and to california where wildfire has destroyed at least eight home and threatening 11 lowers. the blaze around bakersfield has scorched around five square miles. investigators don't know what started the fire. meantime, evacuees from yosemite national park have been allowed to return home. the fire crews there are now getting a handle on that blaze. >>> this is interesting, a project is under way on the battleship new jersey that could allow veterans and others to tour that ship without stepping on board. a live look at the battleship on the camden water front there. a team of forensic engineers is creating a 3d image of the ship. those images will be used for maintenance and education and may eventually be used for virtual tours. that way, disabled veterans and ot
a boy's father is arrested in texas. >>and -- a great-grandma in utah publishes her first book... a love story -- that's anything but innocent. a judge has ruled that a 13- year-old girl is competent to stand trial on allegations that she deliberately started a wildfire that destroyed dozens of homes north of san diego in may. last month, the judge ordered the san marcos girl to be psychologically evaluated to see if she was fit to stand trial. prosecutors allege she intentionally started the fire which destroyed 36 homes and one business. she pleaded not guilty on four counts. last year a teenager in texas claimed affluenza for a deadly d-u-i crash. that meant he didn't understand the consequences of his actions because he came from a privileged family. now that teen's father has been arrested. prosecutors say fred couch told police officers at the scene of a disturbance last month that he was a reserve officer. they say he even showed them a badge. but it turned out to be fake. couch is charged with impersonating an officer. last year his 17 year old son ethan received ten years *proba
again strongly support this texas project >> good afternoon, tim on behalf of the thirty plus members of the housing coalition the per diems came and making made a presentation they've reviewed it in daily and our members loved the project in particular with what was noteworthy more than the parking and all the tributes of the project this design really gets it in terms of which an viewing neighborhood it gits fits in, well a backdoor balanced neighborhood we love the affordable and remarkably parked in the a great communicated outreach and i hope you'll approve it. >> thank you. good afternoon, everyone. commissioners i'm a business and local 2 61. on behalf of the brothers and sisters of local 261 i want to voice our support for the residential at 645 texas street. true mark has been working hard to have a strong connection with our union and invited us to participate in selma parkways program to educates and encourage to learn more about your union. the labor of local 261 a strongly supportive of the development at 645 texas street. to support the development and thanks for your t
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